2024 Collection

What is a COG Zita?
COG is an acronym for Child of God.
Zita translates to Seeker.

Come!  Explore my Creator-endowed abilities expressed through wire and sheet metal in heirloom designs to be enjoyed for generations.

Your piece is uniquely created just for you. Artisan pieces are collaborative works; employing mastered techniques to generate balanced asymmetrical patterns accented with color and texture found in stones, pearls, shells, semi-precious gemstones and hand-crafted pottery.

My journey of designing beautiful embellished accessories and formed metal and stone jewelry began with a partial loss of vision that did not allow me to continue my previous engineering career.  I’m inspired to create each day; to carry pieces into the sunlight, place them alongside one another, move and reposition them until that joyful singular moment of, “That’s it!”  Visit to see what I’m imagining next. 

Be a blessing, you are blessed!